Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Stardolls 5th Birthday!

 It`s Stardolls 5th Birthday - Already? WOW!

And because it is Stardolls 5th Birthday stardoll is giving out some free or not free gifts to alll 100 million members!

You get:


Ever wonder what it's like at the Stardoll office? Wonder no more! Now you can buy a new interior that will give you a sneak peek. And yes, those pink walls are real!


It's's birthday, but you get the gifts! Everyone will receive five special gifts...five gifts for five years, one for each amazing year of

STARDOLL.COM TURNS 5 started as a simple idea - today has 100 million members worldwide. Read and learn more about how came to be!


Test your knowledge of and its humble beginnings and where it is today. You will be eligible for a prize and you might even win some Stardollars!

 I am very happy about this because stardolls birthday is on the same of mine - NO JOKE! It`s the 5th April

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Contest Reminders!

Hey everyone, just reminding you about the two contests because they will end in a few weeks.

Contest 1 - Be one of my Models. You have to tell me:
                                               Your Name and stardoll name
                                               Your Last-name (optional)
                                               Your Age
                                               Why would you be good
                                               Photos of your medoll (with/without makeup.)

Contest 2 - Get more followers. 
Its all in the title, broadcast about this blog and tell people to follow it, then tell me in this posts
comment bored who followed and who did you invite, the most wins.

Thanks Again,

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Spring Pass: Well cheap deal!

Hey people, have you seen this deal? Its called the 'Spring Pass' Where you can become a Superstar (YAY!) Get free Stardollars (Spend your money on cool stuff) And of course Suprise Gifts (SUPRISE!) All for... Um who knows I don`t but its cheaper than usual! Buy it now, beg your mum and dads or do it secretly and steal their credit card if your that desperate, JOKE! Don`t steal their credit card but make them buy it you!


LE Furniture:

Most of you would of got this email on Stardoll saying stuff about the new LE Decor, and I`m saying, It`s REALLY Expensive! But there is some amazing stuff especially the sofa`s, pillows and paintings. Some of the furniture has already gone and all of them are disappearing fast and they have only just came out today, HURRY!

Monday, 7 March 2011

We have a new E-mail:

Hello Members of LSMA,

LSMA Have a new e-mail address! Is that that so exciting!

So if you would like to contact us then use then use this e-mail:

Thanks everyone, sorry for any concerns!

Q&A Post:

Hi guys, i`s sure that you have millions of questions bubbling around in your head right this moment so I created a Q&A Post (Question and Answers) If you don`t know what Q&A means.

If you have any questions, post them here or if you want to ask them privately tell me on stardoll or e-mail me at

I will give you the best answers ever, and of course don`t hesitate to ask me anything!
Bye people...

Sunday, 6 March 2011

How to Become Covergirl:

Hey everyone, have you ever became covergirl before? No? Me neither thats why I`m doing all these things. This post will give you the basic instructions on how to become covergirl (I`m not saying you will become covergirl, I`m just saying you will have more chance)

DO - Decorate your suite, don`t leave any blank rooms unlocked and if you do want to lock them change the background colour.
DON`T - Be nasty mean or rude to anyone, be a nice friendly member of stardoll.
DO - Buy lots of clothes so people can dress you up and check out your style.
DON`T - Beg for people to vote you 5/5 for CG, they will think you are to pushy, let them do what they think.
DO - Have a good presentation, make it bright, bold and tell them a bit about yourself. (You can do a good presentation on microsoft word.
DON`T - Say vote me 5/5 and Ill give you a gift and rate you back (Bribing same as begging)
DO - Make yourself more visable by posting in GB, albums and sceneries, broadcasting and brefrending other medolls.
Hope it helped you, one day I know you will have that gold trophey in your hands and you will be on the front covergirl on the stardoll magazine.